Asus eBook Reader Details Emerge


Things are really heating up in the ebook sector, with Google recently upping the ante in its ongoing war with Amazon’s Kindle by rolling out a million free books to its users. Now though, Asus is preparing to enter the fray with the EEE Reader and the more we learn about it the more attractive it is.

This seems to be the only image going around of Asus' device itself

This seems to be the only image going around of Asus' device itself

Word comes via the Times Online that Asus is hoping to unveil the device sometime before the end of the year. As most will have notices from the above image, the most impressive point in the EEE Reader’s favour is its book-like form factor. While it might seem strange to have two separate screens, multiple display setups are common enough now that it almost seems strange not to have had an ebook reader in this format available already. Moreover, it only makes more sense when you consider what Asus wants to do with it.

The fact that the EEE Reader has a “clamshell” design means users won’t need to worry nearly as much about keeping the screens in pristine condition. Those screens will also be colour, as opposed to the black and white affairs of both the Kindle and the vast majority of Sony’s Reader line. That’s where comparisons between the Asus, Amazon and Sony offerings should really stop though, because Asus seems hell-bent on taking things a step further.

For now this is all subject to change, but Asus has stated that it’s hoping to include the fairly lavish combination of speakers, a webcam and a microphone to allow its Reader users to talk to one another via Skype. If nothing else then we may end up seeing one display used as a book reader while another acts as a kind of application space, but for now there’s just no telling.

For us the real question is whether or not Asus makes its reader available in Ireland. Both Amazon’s Kindle and Sony’s readers have failed to make the transition to Europe (with the exception of importers). If Asus were to launch the device here then it seems as though it could become a firmly established device.

You can read a lot more about the device itself and potential pricing for its eventual release over at the Times Online


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