District 9 Looks Like Pirated Movie of 2009


Since the release to torrent sites of a high quality R5 rip of District 9, it’s starting to look as though the film could well end up being one of the most pirated movies, if not the most pirated movie, of this year.

district 9 logo

Of course, as much as everyone has been pointing out the fact that nefarious internet pirates and the general lack of scruples among the bittorrent community at large, TorrentFreak is pointing out that one reason for the mass of people itching to get their hands on a free copy of District 9 is that such a high quality release is available. That said, this is something that’s already come up in casual conversation around the office that I thought might bear a little talking about.

Much as TorrentFreak seems to avoid any examination beyond the number of people pirating the movie (with more than a million downloads in 24 hours being the touted figure), it also seems to avoid speculation on just why District 9 is shaping up so heavily in the download charts.

District 9 is a little unusual in that it’s a science fiction movie that managed to glean a lot of hype without having an absolutely insane budget. All good so far, but for some reason it also managed not to glean for itself a simultaneous worldwide release. This meant that there were copies on the internet before the film was released in cinemas in most regions (our own humble isles included).

While it’s been asserted that people may be downloading District 9 because the DVD release is too long to wait, for many pirates it seems to be the case that the cinema release is too long to wait for a movie as popular as District 9 seems to be. Moreover, if you’ve got an interest in sci-fi movies and talk to people about them online at all, then you’re in very real danger of having some aspect of the film spoiled before it ever sees a general release in your country.

Honestly, as much as we’re sure it won’t be seen as the cause, worldwide releases at least help keep piracy down in a film’s opening weeks.


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