Bing Sharing Doesn’t Work With Windows Live


Word that the Bing team over at Microsoft has been putting together a feature designed to make it nice and easy for users to share search results (Bing & Ping, they’re calling it) has been around for a while now. While the idea itself might seem a touch strange, it only gets stranger when you take into account the implementation.


Word comes via the Bing Blog that Bing & Ping lets you “share this NFL instant answer through various places, like Facebook, Twitter, or ever email in as few as two clicks. Reminding someone that their team has no defense has never been easier.” Of course, it was extremely hastily pointed out, by readers posting comments, that this service seems most perfectly suited to Microsoft’s own Windows Live Messenger, a client it doesn’t support.

Of course, the real issue here isn’t anything to do with Bing and Windows Live Messenger, but an awkward combination of other things that have been highlighted already. The problem for Bing & Ping is that users have to sign up, which is going to take more time than a quick copy and paste job into an email, Twitter client or IM Client (and, surprise, surprise, copy and paste works with Microsoft’s own chat client).

The other problem is that it really manages to get across the impression that there’s pretty much no kind of inter-team joined up thinking going on over at Microsoft, which casts the whole project in a pretty dubious light.

Still, don’t get us wrong, Bing is a nice search engine, but for us it needs to do more than introduce features that work with everything but its own services to make itself more attractive, particularly if it wants to make itself more attractive than Google.


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