Sony Office Raided Over Copyright Claims


Sony BMG’s office in Mexico has been the subject of a police raid to recover materials it seems the company had no right to produce.

Sony Logo

The complaint against Sony, lodged by musician Alejandro Fernández, alleges that the company illegally produced an album using unused material from previous recording sessions, sessions carried out while Fernández was under contract to Sony. After Fernández’ contract expired, it seems Sony put together an extra CD without input or, apparently, permission from the man himself.

Of course, Sony’s position was that that there’s nothing untoward happening, a point expressed by Fernández’ lawyer, Jose Luis Cabaellero, who said on the subject, “Sony assumed they could take tracks that weren’t part of previous albums and release them as an eighth album, as if it were new material, over which they had rights.” He later added, “It’s perfectly clear that the company’s contract is limited to seven albums.”

Now though, as the case goes to court, the real question is in whose favour the whole case will fall. If, as has been intimated by Fernández’ lawyer, the original contract was to be cut off at seven albums, then it seems as though Sony could have put itself in a very difficult position indeed.

If you’re interested in more details, including just what Mexican police found in its raid of Sony’s offices, you should have a look at The Guardian.


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