Dell Announces Ultra-Thin laptop


It looks as though Apple’s Macbook Air and MSi’s X340 aren’t going to want for company in the ultra-thin laptop category; Dell has announced an ultra-thin laptop of its own, the Adamo.

Dell Adamo

Dell has posted a teaser page for its new machine, fairly needlessly highlighting the fact that it measures just 9.99mm thick, which makes it the machine to envy in the thinness stakes. We’re not quite sure why they didn’t just tag it as, Less than a centimetre thick, but perhaps they worried that might dilute it a little.”

For those of you who haven’t seen it yet, this announcement is actually for the second version of the Adamo, with the original being a still very thin 16.5mm thick. Indeed, the only real issue with the old Adamo was that it was pretty exorbitantly priced, with high-end models setting people back multiple thousands of euro.

For now though, we have no word on just how much the new Adamo will cost or what, exactly is going into it. We’d hope very much that it’s not as expensive as the old Adamo, but at this stage there’s really not very much to indicate that that might be the case. Looks like a bit of a “wait and see” product, but unless it disappoints horrendously on price or performance it could well be one of the most attractive machines going when it’s released.

If you’d like to check out Dell’s page for the Adamo 9.99mm “thintop”, you can check it out with this link.


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