iTunes 9 Breaks Palm’s Sync… Again


The latest shot in the shambling fight between Apple and Palm that’s gone on just long enough to be embarrassing for both parties is the news that Apple’s latest iTunes update, bringing the application up to iTunes 9, once again breaks the Sync function in Palm’s Pre smartphone.


For those of you who missed it, Apple initially updated iTunes to 8.1, breaking the ability of Palm’s Pre to sync content with Apple’s music player. The move is presumed to have been a direct response to the Pre as a threat to Apple’s smartphone, the iPhone. The real question now is how Palm will respond.

When it came to the Pre and the first iTunes update to nullify the sync option, Palm simply issued a nice and neat WebOS update to the smartphone that made the problem go away, leaving the ball firmly back in Apple’s court. Of course, the problem for Palm isn’t just that its customers are being left without the option to sync from their media player of choice, but that it seems content to tout iTunes functionality with its smartphones.

For us the real question is just what the USB standards people will say about Palm’s case against Apple, claiming that the company is operating illegally with regard to the USB standard. If that comes out in Palm’s favour then the whole problem could well disappear. However, if it’s ruled that Apple has the right to do as it pleases with iTunes then Palm (along with its customers) could well be well and truly stranded.

Hopefully the two will find a way to just get along, but how likely does that seem now, really?


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