Tesco & Microsoft Teamup for Video Download Service


Microsoft has teamed up with Tesco so that the two can offer a video download service with quality to match that of the DVDs Tesco already sells in droves. It’s an odd pairing, but certainly one that could work out well for both.

Tesco Logo

That’s not all though, apparently the two aren’t content with just supplanting the whole disc-based media market with high quality movie downloads. They’ve also committed to offering “advanced Web-based interactivity and a viewing experience that goes beyond other digital playback products in the marketplace.” For now though, there’s no indication of what that might mean, but we’re certainly intrigued by the way they’re rolling it out.

Apparently, starting in Autumn, Tesco will be allowing its UK customers who’ve purchased particular DVDs to download a digital copy of the movie on either Mac or Windows machines as “virtual DVDs”. What’s really strange about all this is that Microsoft and Tesco have just the right kind of combined ubiquity to make a deal like this work out very well for them indeed.

It’s also strange to see Tesco continue to diversify into so very many different arenas. If nothing else, it’s more than a little reminiscent of Time Trumpet’s episode in which Tesco invades Denmark. We really should have noticed things had changed when, overnight, the company motto changed from, “Every little helps,” to “We control every aspect of your life.”

Anyway, if you’re more interested in the technical side of things than the fact that Tesco seems hell-bent on becoming the Umbrella Corporation, you’ll be pleased to hear that the whole thing runs on Microsoft’s Silverlight. You can read an awful lot of it in the piece Microsoft has posted about the deal.


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