Spotify Returns to Invitation Only


In a turn of events that goes a very long way to Spotify’s sudden cut in support for Irish non-premium users, the service has announced that it’s having a some trouble keeping up with spiralling demand.

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Spotify has announced that it has had to return to an invitation-only model for the UK again. According to a post on the Spotify blog, the move comes after a significant increase in demand following the launch of Spotify’s mobile service. Of course, they’re trying to resolve the whole thing as quickly as possible, but as well you might have guessed, the fact that demand is outstripping the ability to provide a service is pretty good news as far as Spotify is concerned, especially considering the fact that not long ago people seemed to be damning it to failure.

The post on the Spotify blog simply states that, “… due to huge demand in the UK over the last few days since we launched our mobile service, we are going to have to temporarily reinstate our invite system in the UK. We are invite-only in our other launch countries but we hope to be able to remove the need for an invite again very soon. Premium users will of course still get instant access as per usual and all current users will be able to use Spotify as normal.”

If nothing else, Spotify is managing to make a very convincing case for those of us who had been enjoying it for free from Ireland to just throw down the €10 a month for a premium membership. That said, if you hit the main Spotify page it does point out that Spotify Premium “Isn’t available in your country,” though for those users who have already managed to snag accounts that’s not really a worry, as the option to bump up to premium is still available from within the Spotify client itself.


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