Draft N Finally Standardised


Many of us have already been using “Draft N” routers to network our “Draft N” wireless devices for years, but it seems that this week we get to drop the “draft” and just use “Wireless N” as the whole thing gets approved officially.

Draft n logo

While it’s been a long time coming, it’s nice to see that 802.11n is finally a real wireless standard, rather than the strange hovering-in-limbo act it’s been pulling for the last few years. According to RealTechNews, the whole business only took seven years, which makes us feel older than we really are, given that it’s easy to remember a time when 802.11n seemed like a bit of a pipe dream.

Of course, the fact that it’s now been standardised won’t make a massive difference to those of us already using “Draft N” cards and routers, but it’s nice to see that it’s all been made official after such a long wait.

Really, when you consider the sheer number of products available that handle Wireless-N, it’s kind of a shocker that the whole approval process took as long as it did, considering the fact that the world at large seems to have long-since approved 802.11n as its Wi-Fi option of choice for a while now.

Anyway, if you’d like to read more about the approval process or the technical specifications of the newly standardised 802.11n setup then you should check out the RealTechNews article about the standardisation.


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