Sony to Launch New PS3 Already?


With the release of the PlayStation 3 Slim, Sony seems to have done an awful lot to pull itself back into the fight for recognition in this console generation. It seems set to continue that streak, with the introduction of a new model of PS3.

PS3 Sony PlayStation 3

According to Xbit Labs, Sony’s upcoming PlayStation 3 will be built on the same model as the Slim, but will incorporate a 250GB hard drive, as opposed to the existing 120GB model. The 250GB version of the PlayStation 3 Slim is said to be lining up for a launch price of €350, meaning users will be paying just €50 for what amounts to double the storage capacity.

While it’s been reported that this move could be in response to rumours of a new, higher capacity model of Microsoft’s Xbox 360 Elite, which makes a lot of sense, given the recent price from on the Xbox 360 line. That said, it seems decidedly unlikely that Sony would have already responded to rumours of a new SKU with a SKU of their own, given how recent rumours of a new Xbox 360 have been.

If nothing else, the release of a device with a bigger hard drive is in line with Sony’s positioning of the PlayStation 3 as something of a media-centric device as well as a games console. One of the comments we’ve seen on the Xbox 360 Elite is that a 120GB hard drive is all well and good, but there’s precious little to do with all that space in countries like Ireland, where there aren’t downloadable movie rentals to fill it with.

In that respect, a 250GB PS3 model certainly manages to look more useful than an Xbox 360 Elite refresh that sees a higher capacity model added to the current Xbox ranks. It’ll be interesting to see if and when Sony chooses to formally announce a high-capacity PS3.


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2 Responses to “Sony to Launch New PS3 Already?”

  1. Marc Says:

    … There are downloadable movies on the xbox… as far as I know…

  2. Marc Says:

    in Ireland I mean…

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