Apple Responsible for Flash Memory Shortage


Apple’s been consuming NAND as thought it were going out of fashion, it seems, with the blame for the recent shortage of flash memory being levelled squarely on the iPod manufacturer.


Word comes via TGDaily that Apple has been buying so very much flash memory that many manufacturers are having to scale back orders to other companies. Samsung, Micron, Toshiba and Hynix Semiconductor are all reported to be selling a larger volume of their stock to Apple than before, with the company’s massive demand driving up the price of memory for all concerned.

This may simply be a result of Apple’s push to get more memory into the iPod Touch line, which now includes a 64GB model, or a result of Apple trying to get together enough stock to weather what it’s clearly hoping will be a successful Christmas period. The really interesting point here though is to what extent this will effect other manufacturers.

With the price of flash memory rising, and precious little memory to go round, it seems as though other hardware manufacturers could have a very tough time getting products to market in time for Christmas… it may well be the case that there are few alternatives to Apple products available for the holiday spending rush, a situation it’s hard to see Apple being displeased with.


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2 Responses to “Apple Responsible for Flash Memory Shortage”

  1. Eric Says:

    Typo: 64 *GB* iPod! 😛

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