Windows 7 Upgrades Can Take 20 Hours


Microsoft has long come under fire for what’s perceived as poor performance from Windows Vista, and many have been hoping that Windows 7 would solve those issues… apparently there could be one last big wait in store though.


Apparently, according to ArsTechnica at least, the process of upgrading from Windows Vista to ranges from a relatively painless 30ish minutes for those users who have a nice clean install with no data to move around and zero applications installed, to a fairly outrageous 1220 minutes, for those users on 32-bit systems with 650GB of data to move about and around 40 applications installed.

The big issue here isn’t just that it took 1220 minutes (which is a pretty big deal, don’t get us wrong) to install on a 32-bit system, but that the system had 40 applications installed and 650GB of data floating around. In our experience, there are users who would tend towards a terabyte of media and well in excess of 40 applications.

The real question for us is whether or not this worst-case-scenario of a twenty hour install time for Microsoft’s new OS is actually a worst case scenario or just an indication of what heavy-duty users can expect to see when they go to upgrade on their own.

If nothing else, Microsoft is certainly reinforcing the belief held by many users that when it comes to new versions of Windows there’s no point doing an in-place upgrade over a format and install… particularly if that in-place upgrade is going to set you back twenty hours.

You can read more about just what makes it a twenty hour install and some predictions of how long your own Windows 7 upgrade might take over at ArsTechnica.


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