France Approves Anti-Piracy Bill


France has once again approved internet disconnection as a penalty for internet piracy. It has been back and forth on anti-piracy legislation since May, when it adopted a “three strikes” policy with regard to internet piracy.

Pirate Bay

France had approved the original piece of legislation for the disconnection of repeat offenders when it came to internet piracy in May, but it was the subject of continued controversy. The legislation was later deemed to be unconstitutional, but was reinstated on the basis that the disconnection itself must be approved by a judge, at which point the decision will be made to either disconnect, issue a fine (of up to €300,000) or see that the offender is imprisoned for up to two years.

While all of this is interesting (and scary) enough in its own right, it’s worth noting that the majority by which the law was passed was relatively slim. The vote came out at 285 votes for and 255 votes against, with the BBC reporting that the Socialist Party will likely take the affair to the Constitutional Court, where the whole cycle could well begin again.

If you’re interested there’s an awful lot more detail over at the BBC, including the news that the European Parliament is questioning whether or not “cutting off internet access is a breach of human rights.” If it’s eventually decided that it is then we imagine the National Broadband Plan could well constitute some kind of atrocity 😉


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