Google Chrome 3 Pulls Our of Beta


Google is celebrating the release of version 3.0 of its Google Chrome web browsers, showing significant improvements over the previous official releases.

Google Chrome Logo

According to Google’s own blog post on the topic, the upgrade is the result of a year of solid feedback from users of Google Chrome, with the browser having turned one earlier this month. Well aside from just how they’ve arrived at Chrome 3.0, it’s worth having a look at the things that have changed, including some very welcome improvements to the “New Tab” page.

At the moment, Google Chrome boasts a New Tab page similar to Opera’s “Speed Dial” and Safari’s “Top Sites” tab interface, and that’s a similarity Google seems in no rush to disengage, with improvements to the New Tab basically including more customisation options. This means users can remove/hide parts of the New Tab screen that they don’t appreciate, which is a big help, because compared to Opera’s and Safari’s offerings the New Tab default feels just a little cluttered.

Google has also changed the behaviour of Chrome’s combo address bar and search box, the Ombibox, which now boasts icons to help users differentiate between searches, suggestions and web pages suggested. It’s a small touch, but a very sensible one.

The blog post ends with news of Chrome’s themes, but most of us have already been exposed to them since their early launch last month, but it’s nice to see that they’re all finally done.

If you’re a Chrome user or you’d even remotely consider being a Chrome user, then you should certainly check out the Google blog, because the latest version is a bit of a doozy.


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