Vivox to Bring Voice Chat to Facebook


While the vast majority of Facebook related “apps” are basically just quizzes and spam, Vivox has announced its intention to set up voice-chat for Facebook users who really want to stay in touch.


TomsGuide has the word that, in order to make use of Vivox’s Facebook voice-chat, users will be expected to download a specialised plug-in. After that though, you’ll be all set up to start voice-chatting with your Facebook contacts, though whether or not that’s something most Facebook users will want or need remains to be seen.

The only problem with the move, from our point of view, is that it comes far too close to the problem with web-based voice and video chat described in David Foster Wallace’s Infinite Jest, in which the whole web-based voice kind of falls over itself outside of dedicated clients because of the fact that people are already doing something… therefore not giving enough attention to a voice-chat for it to really work out.

Anyway, whether or not that’s the case in the end we’ll just have to wait and see, but it’s worth noting that when TomsGuide sat down with a “social media expert” he told them that, “I guarantee you this is going to bite into Skype. When these tools come about, it becomes less valuable (to have too many friends) and actually promotes a cleaner ecosystem.” It’s a point well made, but it seems unlikely that people will be in any hurry to de-friend people on the strength of voice-chat.


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4 Responses to “Vivox to Bring Voice Chat to Facebook”

  1. James Says:

    dear god … I don’t want to talk to those people on there 😀 I just want to be nosey and find out what they are up to …

    • komplettie Says:

      Spoken like a true Facebook stalker. I was informed yesterday that the hardest part of any date these days is making sure you don’t mention anything that you’ve learned from their Facebook they haven’t told you. It’s like conversation chess…

      • James Says:

        Yeah I’ve mentioned to various people .. oh I checked out who you were 😀 … who you’ve worked for … and so on … it kinda freaks them out 😀

        Think there are already so many “voice” services out there but I would guess that this one brings it quite easily to those who haven’t heard of the likes of skype

  2. Voice Chat Coming to Twitter « Komplett Ireland Says:

    […] Cnet, Jajah’s offering will be called Jajah@call and follows very closely the announcement from Vivox yesterday that it would be adding voice calling to Facebook via a browser plugin. Unusual as it is to see two services like this launch so close together, […]

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