Bing Hopes to Win Over Google Mobile


Microsoft is positioning the mobile version of its still-fairly-new search engine, Bing, as a competitor to Google in the mobile search space, one that Google has long had its eye on.


According to a report from The Register, Microsoft’s has “internalised a lot of what Google has been saying” when it comes to mobile search, and apparently has decided to wade into the mobile search arena undaunted by Google’s obvious interest in the market. If nothing else it could mean that Google and Bing go head to head as the mobile search market grows, but there are already reasons for Bing not to be a favourite in that competition.

While it might seem a relatively minor point, the mobile version of most browsers already point at Google for search. It may very well turn out that the mobile version of Bing is a far better search engine than Google mobile for one reason or another, but it’s hard to beat an established name in a space where users will be aiming more and more for convenience.

For us, the real question is just what Bing can offer in a mobile service to differentiate itself from Google. Positioning itself as a ‘decision engine’ rather than a search engine is a tactic that’s met with some success on the desktop market, but Bing’s real boosts seem to have come from aggressive marketing, a tactic which could transfer easily enough to the mobile sector, if Microsoft chooses to throw its not inconsiderable weight behind it.

There’s a lot more detail on the Bing plan over at The Register, which is well worth checking out if you’ve got an interest in Microsoft’s plan for its rebranded version of what used to be MSN Live Search.


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