iTunes 9 Causes iPod Classic Issues?


It seems as though the update to iTunes 9 hasn’t been pleasant for all concerned, with iPod Classic owners reporting that the latest version of Apple’s media player has caused their hardware to behave a little awkwardly.

iPod Classic

Word comes via AppleInsider that the issues iTunes Classic owners are encountering include the inability to sync their hardware with their media libraries in the latest version of iTunes. Basically, iTunes seems to eject the hardware immediately after it’s plugged in. Those users suffering report that it doesn’t matter whether you’re in Mac OS X or Windows.

Strangely enough, that’s not the only issue (though it is the only one I’ve personally encountered). It’s also been reported on various Apple support forums that iTunes 9 simply doesn’t recognise some iPod Classics at all. Strangely enough this is something I experienced with an iPod Touch after installing iTunes 9, but a quick “restore to factory” fixed everything up nicely.

For now, there’s been no official word from Apple on a fix, but we imagine if the issue is as widespread as it appears to be then it’d be a pretty bad move for it not to be working on an iTunes update to remedy these issues.

One has to wonder whether or not this inability to sync has anything to do with the moves Apple has made to block syncing with the Palm Pre which, when last it synced with iTunes, seemed to show up as an iPod Classic (at least according to the icon it would display). It’ll be interesting to hear more on this as it develops.


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