Opera Mini 5 Hits Beta


Opera has announced that the latest version of Opera Mini, Opera Mini 5 Beta, is available for free download for anyone who wants to check it out a little early and it’s got some stunning new features.


Opera Mini has long been a fairly minimal affair, eschewing the heavy-duty features of its desktop cousin in favour of a resource-light browser that would run on just about anything you could care to install it on. Now though, we’re seeing the introduction of some of Opera’s nicest features into the mobile version of its browser.

Perhaps most interesting is the implementation of tabbed browsing, which is an excellent addition to a mobile browser and most welcome. Perhaps more useful though is the inclusion of Opera’s Speed Dial, which will be familiar to anyone who’se seen Google Chrome’s New Tab page or Safari 4’s Top Sites page. If nothing else this is a far more useful addition to the mobile space, given that convenience and speed-browsing are very much key to most people’s experiences of mobile web.

Moreover, Opera Mini 5 now boasts touch-screen support to go alongside the keypad options, so you can sort yourself out depending on the most convenient combination. It’s always good to see mobile browsers getting a bit of a bump. If you’re at all interested you should check out the Opera Mini 5 Beta download over at the Opera Mini page 🙂


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