Pirate Copies of Arkham Asylum Unfinishable


In a very interesting twist on the usual DRM versus internet piracy story, Eidos’ upcoming Batman: Arkham Asylum boasts game-breaking bugs on versions of the game released before the game’s official launch.

Eidos Logo

Players of the fairly widely available pirated version of Arkham Asylum have all found the same very specific portions of the game or character controls to be missing or somehow hobbled in what’s turned out to be a deliberate attempt by Eidos to ensure that players who haven’t paid for the game can’t enjoy the full storyline. The BBC is reporting that players attempting to use the “glide” function will find it disabled in pirate version.

Perhaps most entertaining of all isn’t that this exists as an anti-piracy measure, it’s been around quite some time, but the manner in which it was revealed. Apparently, when a user posted about the bug on Eidos’ support forums, a developer revealed that the issues weren’t a result of a bug in the game’s code, but “a bug in your moral code,” ushering in an excellent reveal.

Of course, one of the most famous examples of a similar hobbling of a game is from the SNES version of Earthbound. If a user ran an older pirated copy of Earthbound they would find that enemies spawned far more often (with some putting the enemy encounters at four times the normal rate). Moreover, if you managed to get to the final boss, reports have it that halfway through the final battle the game would freeze and erase the player’s save data.


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