Dan Brown Tops Bittorrent Books


Dan Brown may not have the same success with The Lost Symbol as with The DaVinci Code, but his latest book has the dubious honour of being phenomenally successful with web-based pirates.

Dan Brown The Lost Symbol

Word came in during the week that The Lost Symbol was selling faster on Amazon’s Kindle ebook reader than it was on Amazon’s online shop, though that’s far less impressive a statement than it might normally seem. Due to a combination of staggered releases and the relatively high popularity of the book on the Kindle the two figures stack up oddly. Perhaps less impressively though, is the news that The Lost Symbol has been doing very well on illegal filesharing networks.

While Brown’s writing has been fairly roundly criticised, it seems that the critics haven’t done anything to stop hundreds of thousands of downloads of the book. According to TorrentFreak, the novel has has been made available as both a high quality PDF document and a spoken word audiobook, both of which are seeing downloads well in excess of what literary works would normally draw.

As with District 9, it’s important to remember that The Lost Symbol has seen a staggered release across different regions, rendering it unattainable by many internet users with a burning desire to be among the first in their respective regions to read or listen to the book. While it was interesting to see District 9 so popular with illegal downloads relative to its box office draw.

Still, the unusually high piracy figures for both The Lost Symbol and District 9 are strong evidence against the region-by-region style of release that both have seen. While it may be harder to achieve similar releases with books than films, it’s something that Harry Potter managed quite elegantly. We live in an increasingly globalised world, and publishers could well be hurt by not acknowledging that fact.

If you’d like to read more of the figures behind the downloads of the latest Dan Brown book, then you can see them over at TorrentFreak.


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