Microsoft’s Office Web Apps Go Live


It looks as though Microsoft’s upcoming Office 2010 is really starting to come together, with the web-based version of some applications already being trialed by test users.

Microsoft Office 2010 web apps

Word comes via the Microsoft Office Web Apps blog that it has started making web-based Excel, Word and Powerpoint available to a select group of users for testing. Apparently they’re admitting that the initial functionality will be “modest” but they’re hoping to have it expanded over time until it constitutes a more robust service.

The current version of Microsoft’s Web Apps includes “high fidelity viewing of Word, Excel and PowerPoint files in the browser.” Of course, it’s a by invitation only test for now, but we’re told that OneNote (certainly one of the most useful features of Microsoft Office 2007) is to be added to the Office 2010 web app lineup.

There’s precious little information out at the moment about just how well Office’s web apps are performing for those lucky enough to have been invited to the test, but what we’ve heard has been largely positive. The only disappointment on our end is the news that, while Powerpoint and Excel can both view and edit existing documents, Word is, for no, a read only application.

If you’re interested in Microsoft’s web-based Office, there’s a sign-up option over at the Office Web Apps blog that doesn’t take too long to fill out.


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