Apple Addressing iPhone OS 3.1 Battery Issues?


The long awaited update to iPhone OS 3.1 has had the negative impact for some users of dramatically reducing battery life.


While most iPhone users managed the transition from OS 3.0 to 3.1 without ill effect, the issue of decreased battery life has hit some users hard. According to Gizmodo though, Apple has taken an interest in just how hard users have been hit by the battery life issues widely reported around OS 3.1. Apple’s customer care staff has been in contact with those users who have reported issues to ask questions regarding the conditions under which issues have been discovered.

One of the most interesting questions asked by Apple’s customer care is whether or not users are experiencing a legitimate drop in battery life or if the battery life indicator itself has simply become unreliable. That could indicate that, as with previous OS updates, iPhone users are simply encountering issues with the way in which their battery life is being reported, an issue we’d imagine is far more easily fixed (and far less worrying) than an actual battery life drop.

If nothing else it’s nice to see that Apple is taking a serious interest in issues like these, if only for the sake of its users. It’ll be interesting to see whether or not these battery life issues are fixed by an update or if there’s some underlying reason for certain users to be encountering issues while the majority appear to be doing alright.

If nothing else, you should check out the iPhone Blog post on the subject, it has a significant amount more data and some interesting survey results that indicate 24% of its readers have had power issues after the latest update.


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