Palm to Launch Commercial App Store Thursday


Palm has announced that it intends to launch the for-pay version of it’s own answer to Apple’s incredibly successful App Store on September 24th, or this coming Thursday.


Word comes from DigitalDaily that Palm’s long-awated App Catalog’s launch date was quietly disseminated through a company timetable Palm released that indicated very succinctly, “9/24 Go live – Application sales go live.” It’s interesting that the launch has been announced so quietly, but we’d be willing to bet that this wasn’t quite how Palm envisioned everyone would find out about the paid-app launch.

Of course, the hope on Palm’s side is that it’s App Catalog will manage to achieve something approaching the same kind of success that Apple’s App Store has managed, but it’ll be difficult for it to match the impressive attach rate of apps to hardware that Apple has managed.

It’s also interesting to see that Palm isn’t at all shy about talking about just how much money it makes off apps sold on the App Catalog. Apparently, for every app sold, Palm will see 30% of the sale, while developers see the other 70%.

While this will certainly intensify the ongoing feud between Palm and Apple, we’re still waiting for Palm to issue another update to WebOS to see if it can patch back in support for iTunes syncing, a feature Palm had touted for its Pre smartphone that Apple has managed to repeatedly quash with iTunes updates.

We’re also a bit hopeful that when the “App Catalog” launches here it will at least be called the “App Catalogue,” though it could be just a bit too much to ask.


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