Sony Under Fire for “Yellow Light of Death”


Sony has come under some serious fire over the course of the past few days over what it’s calling the “yellow light of death” with which it appears many of its PlayStation 3 consoles have been afflicted.

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The whole business kicked off in BBC’s Watchdog, which asserted that the “yellow light of death” error was effecting tens of thousands of PlayStation 3 owners who were forced to return consoles for repair. Unfortunately for the BBC, Sony responded in fairly short order, pointing out that it’s yellow light is simply a general-purpose error indicator. This means that what might initially have looked like a single widespread issue could just as easily have been a plethora of different issues for different users.

Of course, the biggest issue here isn’t the fact that a relatively small percentage of Sony’s consoles have failed, but that there hasn’t been a similar point made against Microsoft for its genuinely egregious Xbox 360 “red ring of death” situation (after which we can only assume the “yellow light of death” has been named).

What’s particularly weird about the whole situation is that the BBC has been taking such a sound thrashing in the specialist press about it. It’ll be interesting to see if, and how, the BBC chooses to respond to the general feeling that the Watchdog report on the PlayStation 3 failure rate was somehow sensationalised.

If you’re so inclined, you can check out the BBC’s piece on the “yellow light of death” though it’s worth noting that the video itself likely won’t play unless you’ve got some excellent proxy skills. Still, the write up is worth a read.


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