Windows 7 to get Microsoft Security Essentials?


Microsoft’s own anti-malware solution has had something of a troubled history, but Microsoft has effectively announced now that it will be made available for Windows 7.


TechRadar is reporting that Microsoft Security Essentials’ beta users were informed that the beta of the application would be coming to a close in the “coming weeks.” Of course, as well you might have read into that statement, Windows 7’s October 22nd launch-date is well within the realms of the “coming weeks.”

If nothing else, Microsoft’s Security Essentials is a solid addition to the usual barrage of recommended software for keeping a machine safe from the various malicious bits and pieces that tend to filter down to machines. Moreover, because it’s free, Windows 7 joins the likes of the incredibly popular AVG in the ranks of free software well worth picking up as a suitable replacement for the usual Norton and McAfee.

From our point of view, it’s a very welcome move to see Microsoft providing widespread free security software. The availability of Microsoft Security Essentials could well end up being seen as one of the most pronounced differences between Windows 7 and Windows Vista, different as they might seem already.

One of the biggest reasons for Security Essentials’ popularity has been that it is so very well integrated with the Windows OS itself, without the multiple layers of acceptance and allowances of network access that third party packages can end up incurring. With any luck Microsoft Security Essentials will remain as impressive as it seems to have been to those involved in its beta phase.


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