Microsoft Hiring Apple Geniuses?


It seems as though Microsoft’s upcoming push into the retails space may well be backed by the same staff who’ve made Apple’s stores so successful. By that we mean, exactly the same staff.


TheLoop is reporting that Microsoft has been trying to soak up some of Apple’s staff from its own retail outlets. According to the reports, Microsoft’s attempts to lure Apple Store managers away from the Jobsian fold have included “significant raises” and the coverage of expenses incurred by the move. Of course, for now all of this is under the heading of “unconfirmed reports” but it’s still interesting, and it only gets more so.

It remains to be seen whether or not the same staff as work well in an Apple Store will work well in a Microsoft Store, but it seems like a fairly safe assumption. Indeed, if these reports prove true then it seems as though Microsoft’s higher-ups certainly believe it to be the case.

If the staff choose to make the transition, TheLoop believes they’re likely there to staff the Microsoft “Guru Bar” which is pretty much the same thing as Apple’s Genuis Bar. The only issue really is that the Genius Bar’s usefulness is largely a product of Apple’s practical universality of hardware; it’s far easier to deal with issues that might crop up and significantly easier to put in place protocol for a hardware problem.

Regardless, it’ll be interesting to see how well Microsoft does out of the arrangement.


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