MySpace and Hulu to Collaborate on Video


News of MySpace’s impending death has been spread far and wide, but the service has been adding features left and right, with the latest announced to be a video service in cooperation with Hulu.

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As well you might remember, Rupert Murdoch has been talking recently about moving a lot of News Corp’s web based operations towards a subscription-based model, saying that the free model for web just doesn’t work. This means that there are some pretty substantial questions around just how the new crossover between Hulu and MySpace video will work.

According to Cnet, word is thin on the ground, but it did manage to talk to one source who was particularly forthcoming, saying that, “MySpace’s intention is to do a much better job of monetising the video area.” If that’s the case then it seems relatively unlikely MySpace and Hulu could be teaming up for something akin to Hulu’s current advertising-enriched model, whereby the ads pay for the content and a bit more as though there’ll be a for-money option introduced.

That said, given the success of Spotify, it seems as though a reasonable model could simply be an amalgamation of the current advertising-supported Hulu model and a monthly fee to keep your Hulu advertising-free.

Naturally there’s been no word yet on just how many regions would see the new video service rolled out, but we imagine that it’ll see use in the US before anywhere else, if only because of MySpace’s popularity there, while it seems to have waned more significantly elsewhere.


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