Google Gets Serious About IE6


We’ve covered the ongoing arguments about Internet Explorer 6 for a while now, but Google seems to have the IE6 solution that really beats the band, offering users a way to run Google Chrome inside Internet Explorer.

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The issues with Internet Explorer 6, a now eight-year-old version of Microsoft’s web browser, are usually held by web developers who find that many companies are so dead set against upgrading from the decrepit browser that sites have to be built with IE6 in mind. Recently though, moves against IE6 have been more and more high profile, particularly the fact that YouTube now no longer supports the browser. It’s interesting to see that Google has now made another move against IE6.

Google’s Chrome Frame is basically just a plug-in for Internet Explorer that lets you run Google Chrome inside another browser. In a twisted kind of way, it makes perfect sense. Google has long touted the slim, low memory profile of its Chrome browser, it seems that slotting it into another browser could have been on the cards for a very long time indeed.

We’re all eagerly awaiting a Microsoft response, if indeed there is to be any. It’s not long since Microsoft’s general manager for Internet Explorer, Amy Barzdukas, basically came out and said, “Friends do not let friends use IE6. If you are in my social set and I have been to your house for dinner, you are not using IE6,” but went on to say that Microsoft wasn’t going to stand in the way of businesses using IE6 as their primary browser.

Still, it’ll be interesting to see how well Chrome Frame impacts Chrome. The browser market is starting to feel just a little crowded, with the big five (Apple’s Safari, Opera, Firefox, Internet Explorer and, of course, Chrome) all clamouring for a piece of the pie. The question now is whether or not the ability to use Google Chrome from inside Internet Explorer 6, 7 and 8 will positively or negatively impact Chrome. It’s entirely possible that Chrome Frame may simply encourage some users to stick with Internet Explorer in a “best of both worlds” kind of situation.

If you’re running Internet Explorer, then you should check out Chrome Frame for yourself. It seems like a very interesting project.


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