Microsoft’s New Tablet, Courier, Leaks


Details of Microsoft’s new project have started to leak out. It’s called “Courier” and it looks to be a very interesting take on the tablet PC.

This is pretty much the only image anyone has of the courier.

This is pretty much the only image anyone has of the courier.

Surprisingly detailed word comes via Gizmodo of Microsoft’s latest tablet project, outlining a device around the 7-inch mark, hinged so that it opens out to boast two 7” multi-touch sensitive displays. If nothing else, the device looks like it could well give an Apple tablet a run for its money. Pleasantly enough, things only get more interesting the more you hear about the hardware.

While the two touch-screens are interesting, the whole form factor is eerily reminiscent of the Asus EEE Reader, word of which has been circulating for a while. Where the Courier appears to differentiate itself isn’t just in the fact that both of its screens are touch-sensitive, but the fact that it boasts a camera mounted to its back.

As you might expect, it has wireless, though no word on whether or not that extends to Wireless-N. The real surprise is the news that the touch-screen supports both finger-jabbing and a stylus, which will be most welcome news to anyone who’s been using Microsoft’s current tablet efforts. We know that the tablet-based version of Office 2007’s One Note is practically enough alone to sell some on the idea of a Microsoft tablet that supports both touch and stylus input.

Anyway, Gizmodo has an awful lot of detail about Microsoft’s Courier, which it says is likely to be in the “late prototype” stages of development. It’s well worth a read, they even managed to pull up what appears to be a concept video of the device itself.


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