Xbox 360 Gets Wireless-N Adaptor


Microsoft has confirmed that the upcoming generation of wireless adaptors for its Xbox 360 consoles will boast the ability to connect using the recently finalised Wireless-N standard.

xbox wireless adaptor

Microsoft’s Xbox 360 wireless adaptor has come under a lot of fire, with many arguing that the relatively expensive device offers functionality that should have been in the device all along. That argument is usually based on the fact that all of the other consoles in the current generation (handhelds included) boast wireless out of the box.

Microsoft eventually confirmed to Joystiq that it would indeed be offering a Wireless-N adaptor for the Xbox 360, but it seems determined to not phase out the old 802.11b/g adaptor, instead claiming that the newer version will simply add, “another choice to consumers.” The real question this statement raises is whether or not that means an Xbox 360 Wireless-N adaptor is going to set us back more when it does launch, and for now there’s just no way of knowing.

If nothing else, the option to go with the newly finalised wireless standard should mean some faster and more reliable connection speeds. It could well be the case that the Wireless-N option would facilitate a high-definition streaming model for those who use their Xboxes for video, though for now there’s been no word on that kind of service being offered.


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  1. Manuel Danekas Says:

    What did anyone do before the invention of pc games?

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