Yahoo Relaunches Web Portal


Yahoo has been trying to convince people for a while that it’s a lot more than just a search engine. Today it relaunched its web portal, which features the ability to add third parties to the page.

yahoo logo

Yahoo might well have near thirty percent of the search market, but because of its agreement with Microsoft, Bing is the engine going to be doing all of the actual searching, while Yahoo takes care of advertising. That leaves Yahoo in a strange position, and it’s a strange position that Yahoo seems to be capitalising on, relaunching its web portal and investing $100 million in marketing.

Of course, the real question is whether or not people really need web portals in this day and age. Without being at all facetious, the best features of Yahoo’s web portal is that it offers quick and easy access to frequently visited sites. Of course, that’s a feature that many browsers now boast features that manage roughly the same thing: Opera’s Speed Dial, Safari’s Top Sites and Google Chrome’s New Tab page are all fairly similar.

Still, the ability to check news quickly and easily, without setting up RSS feeds, directly from a single homepage that also boasts Facebook and email integration could very well be just what the doctor ordered for many users. If so, then it seems Yahoo could be on to a winner with its new homepage.

If nothing else, the new Yahoo Homepage is well worth checking out. The news tab is well put together, with what amounts to a “top stories box” immediately above it offering the most interesting or scandalous news.


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