Intel Demoes Four Screen Notebook


Intel has been playing around with some interesting concepts at its Intel Developers Forum event, including a notebook with four screens.


Fortunately, it’s not four screens in some elaborate folding array, as a four-screened notebook might seem to imply. Three of the displays are smaller, OLED touch-sensitive displays (not unlike those on most digital cameras) line the top of the keyboard, offering some fairly interesting multimedia integration.

For the moment, we don’t know too much about it, except that Gizmodo managed to score some video with a fairly detailed demonstration of just what we can expect to see from the touch-screens themselves and how they interact with content on the main display itself.

While it’s certainly an interesting concept, there seems to be one display dedicated solely to shortcuts to frequently accessed applications, which is something already fairly elegantly handled by a simple series of shortcut keyes across the topmost bar of the keyboard. We’re not dismissing the idea, but we are a just a little sceptical about it.

Of course, taking this idea to its natural extreme results in something like the Optimus Maximus keyboard, a product that’s been lurking in the wings for a very long time indeed without quite managing to make its presence felt too strongly.


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