Palm Pre Irish Release Dated


O2 has finally announced the release dates for Palm’s Pre Smartphone in Europe, including the Irish release date, which is to be October 16th.


Moreover, we haven’t just been given a release date for the device in Ireland, the UK and Germany, O2 has also posted details of the pricing plans it will have available to its Irish customers when the phone hits here, and the news is a lot like the news we posted during the iPhone launch. Palm’s Pre will cost you more if you’re Irish than if you’re living in the UK. Fortunately, it’s a bit less severe.

Palm Pre Prices

If you were to opt for the cheapest plan in Ireland it’ll set you back €45 a month, but the same deal in the UK is about €32. While the Irish bill will net you 100 more minutes of talk time, it’s also got a pretty tight 1GB data limit, where it’s unlimited in the UK.

Things aren’t much better at the opposite side of the spectrum, the most expensive package possible in the UK tips the scale at about €80 a month while the most expensive bill here is €100. The UK deal is similarly more attractive, with 3,000 minutes of talk time and unlimited data transfer where we have unlimited calls but still just 1GB of data a month.

It’s a bit strange to see, after the kafuffle with the iPhone’s release here, that O2 still won’t be offering plans with more than 1GB of data a month… it’s inexplicable.

You can check out O2’s page for the Palm Pre here.


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One Response to “Palm Pre Irish Release Dated”

  1. Oisin Says:

    Bill pay plans should start from 20 quid a month and work upwards … id be willing to pay 40quid a month for 300 mins 300 any network txts, unlimited free calls/ texts to the same network and unlimited data. But as usual Irish people get rapped by phone companies!

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