Chrome Frame Makes IE8 10 Times Faster


We already know that Microsoft seems to have a serious problem with Google’s Chrome Frame for Internet Explorer 6, 7 and 8. Now though, we also know that Chrome Frame provides a serious performance boost for IE8.

Google Chrome Logo

Microsoft has stated time and time again that Internet Explorer 8 is the fastest version of Internet Explorer going, representing as it does the culmination of years of development on the various different flavours of Internet Explorer. The problem is that, according to TechWorld, Internet Explorer 8 runs literally ten times faster if you set up Google’s Chrome Frame.

If this was something Microsoft already knew then it’s certainly much easier to understand the bewildering array of responses it’s had to Chrome Frame, which vary from seemingly unfounded attacks on Google Chrome’s (the browser itself) security and assertions that people should simply update to Internet Explorer 8 if they want to see a performance increase.

Anyway, if you’re an Internet Explorer 8 fan and you’d like to check out Chrome Frame then you should by all means see if it manages to speed up your browser by the reported factor of ten.


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