Lilly Allen Has Piracy Problem?


Lilly Allen has made headlines a few times this week for her heavy-handed attitude to internet piracy, being one of a group of artists agreeing with those clamouring for internet disconnection for piracy.

Pirate Bay

Of course, the reason Allen specifically has made the news, as opposed to the rest of her cohorts, is that she seems to have managed to misstep a little on the anti-piracy front… in that she has allegedly pirated some copyrighted materials while making her anti-piracy stance clear. According to the BBC, Allen recently attended a meeting of artists against piracy, which determined that file sharers probably shouldn’t be disconnected, but have their connections “squeezed.”

To cut a long story short, earlier this week Allen posted a blog to her MySpace page decrying the evils of copyright infringement and internet piracy specifically. It was fairly quickly intimated by the folks over at TorrentFreak that Allen’s own blog post appeared to be a straight copy and paste job of an article that had originally appeared at TechDirt.

Fortunately enough for Lilly Allen, the author of the original article, Mike Masnick, seems to have taken an uncharacteristically kind-hearted approach to the apparent act of copyright infringement. Allen has since removed the blog, citing abuse she received after the post as the reason for it being pulled.

If you’re thinking that it couldn’t get any worse, word has come out since then that Allen has allegedly been offering “mixtapes” containing unauthorised tracks for free download via her website.

Interestingly enough, none of this makes an appearance in the BBC’s article on Allen’s attendance at the anti-piracy meeting. We generally steer clear of celebrity news, but in this case there are too many layers of entertainment to be had, so we figured, “Hey, it’s Friday, hopefully everyone else will enjoy it as much as we did.” Dig up, Lilly, dig up.


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