Microsoft/Google Browser Spat Escalates


Earlier this week, Google, as sick as everyone else of having to deal with Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 6, launched Chrome Frame, which pretty much just lets you run Chrome inside IE6.

internet explorer 8 logo

Now though, it looks as though Microsoft isn’t best pleased with the situation. Some have been incredibly quick to denounce Chrome Frame, with a Microsoft representative telling ArsTechnica that, “With Internet Explorer 8, we made significant advancements and updates to make the browser safe for our customers. Given the security issues with plugins in general and Google Chrome in particular, Google Chrome Frame running as a plugin has doubled the attach area for malware and malicious scripts.”

Naturally, Microsoft getting it’s knickers firmly in a twist is just about exactly the response we might expect, but what’s more interesting is the apparent lack of a coordinated PR message from Microsoft itself. Microsoft’s Amy Barzdukas, its general manager for Internet Explorer, seems to have been very much more frank in an interview with Cnet, where she points out that running a “browser within a browser” can lead to all kinds of problems, including breaking Internet Explorer 8’s private browser options.

Barzdukas said of Chrome Frame causing issues with private browsing in Internet Explorer 8, “That is not made clear. That is a trade-off that customers would really want to make with eyes wide open.” She later went on to point out that, “If you are a user of IE6, you should get off IE6, not install another add-on. It just compounds your problem.”

This is a far cry from the last time we heard from Barzdukas, when she said, “friends don’t let friends use IE6” but went on to discuss, at great length, the manifold reasons businesses might want to stick with the eight-year-old browser.

With any luck this’ll be the spur that encourages Microsoft to finally pull the plug on Internet Explorer 6… but it seems unlikely.


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3 Responses to “Microsoft/Google Browser Spat Escalates”

  1. Sean Smyth Says:

    If you are the tech savvy kind of person and you are not on an alternative browser at this stage, what are the chances of you knowing about and downloading an add-on?

    • Sean Smyth Says:

      If you are not a tech savy*

    • komplettie Says:

      I think the idea is for it to be something a beleaguered IT department might be able to roll out in a business environment resistant to the idea of changing/upgrading browsers (as Barzdukas suggests many businesses are because of the potential costs involved). Still, with the news that came a little later on about the Chrome plugin making IE8 run up to ten times faster, some tech savvy users bound to IE for one reason or another could be very pleased to give it a lash 😉

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