Opera Mini Hits 30 Million Users


We’ve talked about Opera Mini’s practical ubiquity before, but the latest figures from Opera show that the mobile browser has now exceeded 30 million users.


While boasting 30 million users alone is quite impressive, Opera was also happy to publish some statistics about the use of its mobile web browser. While it’s up nearly 10% in usership over last month alone, it’s the amount of browsing that Opera Mini users do that really impresses, especially when you take into consideration the same figures for this time last year.

According to Opera, users of its mobile browser viewed over 13.9 billion pages in August of this year. That represents an increase of 15.7% since July, which we might reasonably attribute to any number of things, including back-to-school preparation and the decline of summer. That said, the figures for this year over last year show a telling trend.

Opera’s figures tell us that page views show an increase of 234% over August of last year. If nothing else it’s an excellent trend for the mobile internet market, but it’s a little sad to see that we’re doing so much browsing without any real support for it from networks (in Ireland, at least).

Of course, it’s been fairly widely pointed out that Opera Mini’s biggest competitor in the mobile space is, somehow, the mobile version of Apple’s Safari, despite the fact that it’s available exclusively for devices that Opera Mobile doesn’t run on. Still, if you were to combine the number of iPhones and iPod Touches out there, they do manage to outnumber Opera’s 30 million browser figure…

It’s enough to make you wonder whether or not walled gardens are the way of the future.

You can check out the charts and read all of the data you could want from Opera’s chart pages. It’s an interesting read, showing some cool trends.


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