Google Responds to Accusations of Chrome Insecurity


When Google added Chrome Frame to the ongoing Internet Explorer ruckus, Microsoft responded by claiming that Google’s plugin (which effectively runs Chrome inside Internet Explorer) exposed Internet Explorer users to the security vulnerabilities of Google’s Chrome browser.

Google Chrome Logo

Of course, Google hasn’t been taking that accusation lying down. Google has defended the Chrome Frame plugin, saying that the plugin makes Microsoft’s web browser a more secure application when it comes to browsing. According to ComputerWorld, a Google spokesman described Chrome Frame’s security in no uncertain terms, saying,

“Accessing sites using Google Chrome Frame brings Google Chrome’s security features to Internet Explorer users. It provides strong phishing and malware protection, absent in IE6, robust sandboxing technology, and defenses from emerging online threats that are available in days rather than months.”

So it now seems that Microsoft’s problems with Chrome Frame seem set to continue. If Google is to be believed then not only does Chrome Frame result in a browser that is not only significantly faster the Internet Explorer, but also more secure.

Of course, for us the real question about Chrome Frame is just whether or not it can remain relevant. It seems very likely that, in a world where Chrome Frame is successful, Google’s Chrome will simply see a larger uptake among users. That said, there are many business users for whom anything but Internet Explorer is simply not an option, and for those users, Chrome Frame is a useful tool.


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