New MacBook: Ultra-thin or Low cost?


Rumours have been circulating that Apple is to take time in the next couple of months to launch a new MacBook, though the rumour mill is for now carrying two different possible ideas of what that new MacBook might be.


For its part, AppleInsider has a long and illustrious history of getting Apple rumours almost right, so it’s worth listening to it when it says that the new MacBook model will likely appear at the same time as a new iMac. It’s telling us that the next MacBook will likely boast the same polycarbonite case as the white notebook already available from Apple. The big news from their side is that the device will likely cost a less than the current MacBook, though without any indication of just how much less.

On the other side of the fence, Cnet seems to be of the opinion that the upcoming Apple device will be in the ultra-thin camp, alongside the recent raft of releases in the ultra-thin notebook category. It also intimates that a new device could go some way towards getting Apple a slice of the netbook market, though that seems fairly unrealistic, given Apple’s apparent lack of interest in netbooks until now.

Regardless of just what a new release is, it’ll be interested to see if Apple does redesign its polycarbonate MacBook line, especially since it had touted environmental concerns when it moved the MacBook name over to what would very quickly become the 13” aluminium MacBook Pro. Moreover, there are certain design issues with the polycarbonate MacBook (including a tendency to crack at the wrist-rest) that have yet to be addressed…

Still, a low-cost Apple notebook would go a long way towards appeasing some of Apple’s loudest critics. That alone would be a fairly big move from a company that seems to care fairly little for the fact that it’s often considered to be too expensive.


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