RIM Flirting with Touchscreen/QWERTY Combo


Despite the news that BlackBerry manufacturer RIM’s profits are down, it seems there are still big things happening at RIM, including the news that it’s working on a device that boasts both a touch-screen and a full qwerty keyboard.

blackberry rim logo

According to the appropriately named BerryReporter, RIM’s upcoming offering has been dubbed “Mr. T” and boasts a touch-sensitive display similar to that of the Storm, but with a slide-out qwerty keyboard for use in landscape mode. For now details are relatively thin, but the combination of the two interfaces is a move that many BlackBerry users will be pleased by.

It’s interesting to see RIM trying new things. The fact is that the various BlackBerry keyboards have long been an incredibly usable and fast alternative to a full keyboard, but the fact is that many devices will be overlooked if they don’t boast a touch-screen, so standard has the technology become.

Whether or not we eventually see “Mr. T” in the wild is something that’ll be interesting to see, but for now we’re just happy to be seeing good news coming out of RIM after the bad news we had last week, when it was announced that sales of the BlackBerry were poorer than expected and (partially due to a large out of court settlement) RIM was reporting lower profits than expected.


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