EU to Limit Media Player Volumes?


It’s looking more and more as though we could see all media players sold in the EU arriving with a volume limitation installed by default to prevent people damaging their hearing by overdoing it with headphones.

iPod Series

Word comes via TGDaily that the proposed new volume limitation acts to combat the fact that users often listen to portably media devices at levels considered to be “damagingly loud.” While this has raised all kinds of interesting questions about the degree to which people will allow their liberties to be infringed, it’s worth pointing out that this proposed limitation would be something users could change later on, if they feel the need to listen to their media at “damagingly loud” levels.

It’s also worth noting that listening to pretty much anything causes some damage to your hearing. It’s been said that the best way of thinking about hearing and hearing damage due to MP3 and other portable media player use is to think of it as “spending” some of your healthy hearing in listening to media at a particular volume.

Still, it’s hard to see the reasoning behind people getting so very up in arms about the whole affair. The objection on the grounds that different types of hardware might respond in such a way as to make the limited volume unreasonable is a sensible one until you take into account the fact that users should be able to change their own complaints seem a little less justified.

Still, you can read more about the proposed limitation over at TGDaily.


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