Google Tweaks Docs for Sudents


With back to school season upon us, Google has updated Google Docs, adding new features in an attempt to make the web-based office suite more useful to students.


Google has long been touting Google Docs as an alternative to more expensive office suites like Microsoft Office, but for many students it just isn’t an option because it can’t offer the kind of functionality they require. Google’s update to Docs today adds an equation editor, which should give maths and engineering students some much needed options.

Google Docs now also boasts sub-and-superscripts, which Google helpfully points out should be a big help for any chemistry students out there, though it’s nowhere near as interesting as an equation editor.

For those of us into the arts more than science, there are still new features on offer, including the ability to use Google’s translation service from within Google Docs itself, as announced in the last couple of weeks and the addition of more bulleting options and footnote options is welcome news.

For us though, as clear as it is that Google is committed to making Google Docs the kind of product that can compete with Microsoft’s Office and OpenOffice.Org there’s still a fair way to go before it’s really ready to replace them. That said, the news that the Google Translation service is now available in Docs remains excellent.

If you’re interested in the updates to Google Docs then you can check them out in more detail over at the Official Google Blog.


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