Mozilla Weighs in on Chrome Frame


It wouldn’t have taken to a genius to realise that Microsoft would come out against Google’s new Chrome Frame browser-in-browser solution to Internet Explorer issues, but it’s interesting to see Mozilla do the same.


Mozilla’s vice president of engineering, Mike Shaver, commented in a blog post that Chrome Frame served only to muddy the issue, which is interesting to hear coming from a man whose company is so wholly dedicated to being rid of Internet Explorer 6, a situation that Chrome Frame could well help come to pass. Shaver appears to disagree entirely though, saying,

“I certainly share that longing for a web in which the vast majority of web users enjoy the performance and capabilities we see in Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Opera. Unfortunately, I don’t think that Chrome Frame gets us any closer to that web.”

He goes on to say that the user’s ‘understanding of the web’s secutiy model and behaviour of their browser is seriously hindered by delegating the choice of software to the developers of individual sites they visit.’ In short, his problem seems to be the extent to which Chrome Frame absents the user from decisions about the manner in which they browse certain content, which makes sense.

Of course, towards the end of his post, Shaver makes the same point as we did when Chrome Frame was first launched, which was to say that Google stood to gain a lot more from simply advising people to download Chrome itself as a full fledged browser alternative, though it’s clear that there are many in environments where that’s not possible.


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