New Trojan Steals Money from Bank Accounts


The security world is abuzz today with news of a new Trojan that calculates amounts of money to steal based on a combination of your account balance and what anti-fraud programs will pick up.

Now that's a trojan.

Now that's a trojan.

Cnet is carrying word that the new Trojan, called URLzone, lies in wait on a user’s machine until they decide to look up their bank balance on a banking site it recognises, at which point it starts communicating with a home server for details of how to proceed based on your balance and amounts that would likely be picked up as fraudulent transfers. For now though, it seems that only German banks have been effected, but that hasn’t stopped it being highly successful.

According to Cnet, for those who visit the site distributing the Trojan itself there’s 7.5% success rate. Moreover, from the 6,400 people already effected, the people behind the nefarious deeds have managed to notch up a total of $438,000 in ill-gotten gains.

According to researchers from Trojan Finjan, this won’t be the last we hear of this Trojan or others very much like it. According to Trojan Finjan’s Ben-Itzhak, “It’s a next generation bank Trojan. This is part of a new trend of more sophisticated trojans designed to evade antifraud systems.”

I suppose the only problem with running a similar scheme in Ireland at the moment is that most of us are guarding our pennies quite well… If you’d like to read more about it, the folks over at Cnet do have a full breakdown of just how it all works in far more detail.


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  1. Sidik Says:

    aya naon iue teh??

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