Amazon Still Paying for Kindle Debacle


Amazon has just settled a dispute arising from its handling of certain George Orwell texts illegally distributed on its Kindle service for a hefty $150,000.

amazon kindle

Amazon has taken an awful lot of flak for its decision to quietly delete from users devices copies of books sold from its Kindle store that were mistakenly placed there without their copyright holders’ permissions being obtained. Now, according to TechRadar, despite having already refunded the costs of the original purchase and making a fairly frank and forthright apology, Amazon has eaten the cost of a $150,000 law suit over the whole affair.

Pleasantly enough, the $150,000 figure is actually an amount that’s been paid by Amazon to charities promoting literacy in the US, which is fairly welcome news, considering the ends to which Amazon has already gone in the name of making things right with customers who felt, quite justly, a bit wronged by the whole affair.

Naturally, it the whole case would have been a relatively big deal in itself, but really it was the fact that one of the texts in question is Orwell’s 1984 that pushed the whole thing into the media with such strength and vigour. It’s almost forgotten now that Animal Farm was snatched too… personally, we’ve always preferred Animal Farm.

That said, the same case that saw Amazon pay out $150,000 dollars also saw some new precedents laid down on just how much control Apple has over content on users’ devices. If you’re at all interested in dystopian nightmare worlds of text-content-control, you should check out TechRadar’s piece, its got more details.


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