Bing Stumbles, Google Bites Back


Bing has posted its first decline in monthly traffic since Microsoft launched the search engine back in May.


Microsoft’s rebranded version of what used to be MSN Live Search, Bing, has slipped a full percentage point from last month, when it sat at 9.6% of the US search market. The question for now is whether or not this indicates the beginning of a trend among search users in the region Bing is performing best. It’s worth noting that it’s not just Bing that’s seen a drop, Yahoo has taken a similar hit, with Google being bumped up accordingly.

With Bing in decline now, it seems worthwhile to raise the question of whether or not its impressive growth was driven by the $100 million marketing injection that Microsoft gave it when it relaunched its search engine. Of course, for now it’s all moot until we see next month’s results, which should help to more firmly establish whether or not Bing is actually in decline or if this month’s results were something of a blip.

The big worry here for Microsoft isn’t just that Bing is down, but that Bing and Yahoo are both down at the same time. Bing had been steadily gaining users as Yahoo declined, which isn’t a bad state of affairs, considering Microsoft powers both searches, but with both Yahoo and Bing dropping, those users can only really be going to one place, and Google’s global marketshare has this month exceeded the 90% mark…

Fine news if you’re Google, not so much for Microsoft. If you’d like to read more detailed statistics then you should definitely check out StatCounter’s page on search engine stats from last month. The results make for interesting reading.


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