Chrome OS Available Next Month?


Word is slipping out that a Chinese netbook manufacturer is pushing out a machine with an early build of Google’s upcoming OS a little ahead of schedule.


Word comes from TomsGuide that we could well get our first look at Google’s highly anticipated Chrome OS significantly earlier than the tentative 2010 that Google suggested when it first announced the OS. It seems that a company by the name of Lemote has taken the first steps to shipping a Chrome OS based netbook, which could do a lot for its popularity.

For now, there’s been no confirmation from Google’s side as to just what to expect – whether this is indeed a version of Chrome OS or just a souped up Android for netbooks or even a quick announcement that this is an early build of Chrome OS, so things are still a bit up in the air about what to expect.

For us the real question isn’t how this news will impact Microsoft’s Windows 7 launch, though there has been some talk about that side of things. It’ll be far more interesting to see what happens when these machines start hitting general users, who will very likely be exceedingly quick to put together a build of Chrome OS to run on other machines, given the passion those interested in Chrome OS have shown so far.

For now though, it looks like we’ll just have to wait until November to actually see just how Chrome OS looks and behaves. If you’re bored though, you can definitely check out our blog post on setting up your own Android Live CD and take it for a spin. It’s a very interesting OS to play with 🙂


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