Palm Dubiously Restores iTunes Sync?


Palm has announced that its upcoming update to its WebOS, for use with its Pre smartphone, brings back the ability to sync the device with iTunes.


Of course, this comes in the wake of news from the USB Implimenters Forum that what Palm was doing to get iTunes to recognise its devices as an iPod was essentially a violation of the policy under which the USB IF operates. Basically, in order to get iTunes to sync to the Pre, Palm had set up the smartphone so that it identified itself using the vendor code distributed to Apple for its iPod line… which is, to say the least, a bit frowned upon.

According to DigitalDaily though, that’s pretty much how the latest WebOS update reenables syncing with iTunes for Palm devices. Moreover, if you’re a Pre user and you upgrade to WebOS 1.2.1 you’ll also gain the ability to sync photos to your device through iTunes, which we can only take to mean that Palm is being pretty cavalier about the whole affair. This is of a lot more interest now that we know just when O2 plans to launch the Pre in Ireland.

We’ll have to see just how this plays out, but it seems very much as though this latest move by Palm could be a bit of a blunder. It’s one thing to doggedly pursue the ability to sync with a piece of third party software that it’s been made clear that third party doesn’t want you syncing with. It’s quite another thing altogether to bring your case to a higher authority, get told what you’ve been doing is wrong and that the other company is in the right, then to be told you’re in breach of a policy you’ve agreed to, then continue what you’re doing.

That could be a bad move.


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