Sony Announces Wireless Power Adaptor


Sony has announced that it’s managed to build a wireless power setup efficient enough to power a TV from distance.

Sony Logo

While Nokia has announced that it’s working on a mobile phone that charges itself by feeding on a combination of motion, solar power and ambient electromagnetic radiation (including wireless and radio waves), wireless power for bigger, more power-hungry devices is something we can get far more excited about. Sony’s announcement that its new system can power a TV brings glorious visions of cable-free entertainment systems to our minds.

Sony’s wireless power solution works by magnetic resonance, the same process by which numerous other wireless charging solutions work. Essentially, a charge is passed through a coil and used to produce a magnetic field. A second coil being introduced to the field produced by the first induces a flow of current, which can be used to power whatever devices you happen to have lying around looking for a bit of charge. Of course, the biggest issue here will likely be environmental.

Sony points out that it’s wireless power arrangement lands at around the 80% efficiency mark, which means that you’re wasting fully a fifth of all the energy you push through the thing. It’s hard to imagine that’ll gain too much purchase in the enviro-conscious world we live in, but hopefully further research will solve that issue.

Still, with a maximum range of 80cm for now, this is something that will likely need some more work before it’s ready for deployment in real life situations. If you’d like to read about Sony’s wireless charging setup in more detail, check out ITWorld’s article on it.


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