250GB PS3 Slim Spotted in the Wild


Shots have begun to emerge of a grey-boxed, higher capacity version of Sony’s PlayStation 3 Slim apparently already in shops and ready to be sold on the continent.

PS3 Sony PlayStation 3

Rumours of a high capacity version of Sony’s latest non-portable PlayStation console have been floating around since it emerged shortly after the launch of the PS3 Slim that certain games would be offered as part of a special edition with a 250GB model of the PS3. Naturally those rumours weren’t confirmed too quickly, with sales of the new PS3 hitting 1 million in about twenty days, Sony likely didn’t want to upset the runaway success train. Now though, someone over at Engadget has managed to snap a shot of one at a shop.

If nothing else, it’ll be interesting to see just what happens with the PS3 now. It’s long been positioned as something of a media device (thanks in no small part to the combination of Blu-Ray player and media server functionality), but with a 250GB drive there’s an awful lot of space to put movies on the thing.

It’d be very interesting if Sony were to offer something similar to the Xbox 360’s Netflix setup to capitalise on all that extra hard drive space. It seems decidedly unlikely that anyone could use up a full 250GB with nothing but game installs and demo downloads, but as I write that I have a sickening feeling there are those who’ve already managed it 😉

Strangely enough there’s been no word on a launch of the 250GB model in the US, which seems an unusual move, given that the normal state for releases is to move in the opposite direction.


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5 Responses to “250GB PS3 Slim Spotted in the Wild”

  1. intars Says:

    i saw it yesterday at hmv on grafton st.

  2. cahmawang Says:

    I have Playstation 3 250gb. I Love it

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